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News from DeZender.Net !

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It has been a long time since i gave you news about our services. Here are now the latest news and products from our staff.
1) Update of the V7 pre-patched loader for PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 designed for executing files protected by IP address or any. I am still thinking to propose you very soon a public version of DeZender with our V7 pre-patched loader which will allow you to decompile V7 files.
2) New DeZender for Plesk v10. !!! Attention !!! Any demand to decompile the common_func.php3 file will be immediately rejected. We only intend to propose you this service in purpose of studying or even modify Plesk v10 to your convenience.
3) News about the DeZender V2 project. It will permit the full de-compilation of files aimed for PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4. There is still a lot of work to do for IonCube but some files are decompiling successfully. I still don't know when I could give a release date but i will not miss to inform you about the progress of the project.
4) Update of the web site with some social networks widgets and other little details that will allow to a better communication with you.
If you wish to have more information on this news or if you are belonging to a web agency which need our services, don't hesitate and contact me. I will contact you very quickly.

The DeZender staff
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