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Terms of Service

Terms of service

The DeZender project has been created specially to help professionals programmers to retrieve some missing codes and allow them to go further in their developpement and to study the functioning of any class or even PHP fonction.
The delay of our work for your order is between 1 and 3 days stating from the date of the payment.
When using our DeZender service , you assure to be the unique responsable of the utilization of the source codes of PHP, respect the copyrights and furthermore not to publish these codes on some public web site.
The demandes of refunding your money will be able only if uncompiling or uncrypting is not possible.


Payment Regulations With PayPal :
Any payment containing incorrect information with that of your user profile, as well as made in another country (VPN prohibited), will be immediately refunded.
We invite you to renew your payment with our second payment method Coinbase (Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform).


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