De-ionCube v10
PHP 7.xxPHP 5.xxPHP 4.xxDeobfuscator

IonCube is a very well-known loader used to protect his own PHP source code. Several famous CMS publishers use it to protect their work.

De-SourceGuardian v11
PHP 7.xxPHP 5.xxPHP 4.xx

We are very happy to announce the ability of uncrypt fiels coded by SourceGuardian and phpSHIELD.
By the way we are proud to be the only site on the web to do it!

PHP 4.xxPHP 5.xx

Zend-Optimiser is a very efficient loader to work in PHP cache but less efficient to protect the source code. In fact since 2008 on the web you can fin a totally free De-Zender but very unstable to uncompile source codes.

PHP 5.xxPHP 4.xx

PhpExpress is not very known mais sometimes used by developpers which cannot afford to use a big amount of money to crypt their PHP pages.

PHP 7.xxPHP 5.xxPHP 4.xx

De-MultiEval is a solution that we propose for uncrypt scripts generated by phpCipher, PHP Lockit !, SourceCop, true bug, CODELOCK, ByteRun... and much more.

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This product only works on Linux and Windows.

Decompilation : IonCube - SourceGuardian - Plesk - ZendOptimizer - PhpExpress - eAccelerator - TrueBug

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Discover all our professional solutions of uncompiling at ...

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Decryption : MultiEval

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Give your crypted PHP code to a member of our technical ...

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